Multimedia Sharing & Matching Platform 'PICLICK'

Through the sharing of content, Creators too can share in the profits. Using Creators' content, Advertisers can achieve maximum results.
You can get detailed, efficiency measurement reports, all on the PICLICK platform.

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What is Piclick?

Creators' registered content is exposed to both domestic and international publishers. And advertisers' products are matched with the appropriate content. Our platform creates the highest profits and best results for Creators, Advertisers and Publishers.

Creators and publishers, through the sharing of multimedia content can organically earn guaranteed profits. And Advertisers can get optimal advertising results.

Creator - take pictures
Advertiser - match content with product
Publishers - post articles     User - buying is just a click away
Piclick - optimize distribution network, analyze results and share profits
Profitability for the Creators
is guaranteed
High quality content is produced through Creator competition, which in turn guarantees profits through copyright and a sound content creation ecosystem.
Advertisers can increase sales through effective targeting
Via the one-to-one matching of Creators' registered content and Advertisers products, Advertisers sales can be maximised.
Publishers can create profits without banner ads
Our high quality content shared in 'real-time' enables Publishers to increase their impressions effectively and earn revenue, through their content without banner ads.

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